Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Taking in the Salmon Run

We had some family visit us last week so had took some time out to take in the salmon run.  The fall weather this year has been really pleasant and was great walking all the newly groomed trails in the Roderick Haig-Brown Park along the Adam's River where all the Sockeye Salmon are spawning.

Walking trails along the Adam's River

Look-out point over the river to view the salmon spawning
One of the information boards along the walking trails

I couldn't get a good photo of the salmon spawning this year so this is a picture I took from four years ago.  Dave's daughter took a really great video of the spawning salmon which I uploaded to our facebook page.

All that fresh air and exercise made us hungry and there are plenty of food vendors set up at the grounds serving anything from fresh bannock and salmon burgers to pizza and mini donuts.

Food Vendors
This month is going by so quickly, it is hard to believe the salmon festival is nearly over with the final day on Sunday, the 26th.  Winter is just around the corner and time to think about our first Christmas show of the year which is only a week later.

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