Friday, August 31, 2012

Chum n' Luba's - exciting news!

Remember that exciting news I wanted to tell you about?  There has been a lot of chatter in town over the new store that opened up in Chase.  It is called CHUM N' LUBA'S Unique Boutique and sells mostly vintage women's clothing and accessories but is adding a new line of clothing as well.  Most everything in there is so fabulous and unique it is such a fun place to shop!  Darlene, the owner, has everything organized and arranged in such a wonderful way -- I love her front counter with the antique furnishings right down to the old cash register!

She also has such fun window displays and I like checking them out to see what is new on my daily morning walks.  This is one of the mannequins in the front window and you might recognize the necklace on it?  It is one of our double-sided bead necklaces in the jewel tone colors that goes beautifully with this vintage satin blouse.

And that is the exciting news.  A selection of our handcrafted jewelry is now for sale in this fun new store!  It  is really great to have a local venue to sell our work on a regular basis and it couldn't be a better place than this!

This is Darlene, the owner, wearing another one of our pieces.  The cable pendant necklace made with the CaBezel moulds.  She looks so beautiful wearing it, don't you think?

I asked Darlene what the name Chum n' Luba's meant.  She told me how Chum and Luba were the names of her husband's parents and a little about their history.  This store is in their memory which I found to be so special.

Now back to mixing up some more clay colors -- I will have some new Pantone Fall 2012 color recipes for you soon.


Unknown said...

Hi! Just found you through the Knightwork blog. I particularly love the scarf bling. Looking forward to following your posts.
Linda from Physaria Designs

2 Good Claymates said...

So nice to meet you Linda. Thanks for dropping by!