Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Remnant Bead Zipper Charms

One thing I love about working with polymer clay is that there is never any waste.  Every bit of clay seems to get used up one way or another whether it is used to create new colors, use as a filler for beads or even create new designs like the Stroppel cane that went so viral.  I like to separate my clay remnant pieces into containers by color but when I get a pile of left over cane pieces I especially like, I will usually make Natasha beads (inside-out beads).  We have been making zipper charms from the larger designs and made some new cards to show them off.

I have been on a Natasha bead kick lately and have a bunch of assorted sets made.  Some will be used in jewelry pieces and others listed in our Etsy shop.

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Cara Jane said...

They are so addictive Natasha beads - I think it's becuase it's just so exciting to see how they turn out when you turn them inside out. Great zipper charms!