Tuesday, November 3, 2009


One reason we love the area we live in is all the wildlife we see.  This is the time of year when large amounts of salmon swim up our river towards their spawning grounds.  The fish attract many animals of prey one of which are bears.  We happened to see one last week fishing in the river.

The salmon also attract bald eagles and we saw several of them yesterday sitting in the trees.  These birds are so huge and we were awestruck to see them up so close.  We've seen many ospreys with their huge nests during the summer but they don't compare in size and stature to the eagles.

This reminds me of the eagle pendant I was asked to make.  I really enjoy doing unusual custom orders like this.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am happy for you that you have such beauty around you not just as inspiration for art but mainly as inspiration for life. Am I right?

2 Good Claymates said...

Yes, you are so right! We moved here last year from the big city and we feel at peace here with all the nature around us. It is very calming but yet also very inspiring.

Unknown said...

I love that eagle pendant !! Last year I saw a bald eagle for the first time, and what a thrill it was. They are such impressive creatures.