Sunday, August 2, 2009

One of those days...

Ever have one of those days where whatever you did was a real challenge?  I've had a few of those this past week.  The other day I was finishing off a piece and after struggling with my ribbon crimp to get it just so ... I looked down and realized I used a gold finding and I intended to use silver!   A piece I was working on cracked when it came out of the oven!  Doesn't happen too often but of course this would be the day!  Back to the drawing board to make a new one,  but not today.  It is far too hot to clay any more and so instead we packed up a picnic lunch, threw on our swimsuits and grabbed our towels and a blanket and took off for the beach for the afternoon.  The swim was so cool and refreshing and was a really good way to cool off and recharge our batteries by relaxing under a shady tree after.

We finally received word that our air conditioning will be installed on Thursday -- all the companies have been booked up solid with the heat wave we've had.  We moved here from the coast in search of some sun and it definitely looks like we found it!  lol !  I'm not complaining but is difficult to function in 40C (104 F) weather with no air conditioning, let alone try to work with my clay.  So for now I clay in the mornings for a few hours and then we take off to the lake to cool off.  This weekend there is a music festival going on as well so was nice to relax and unwind to some great live music at the same time.  There is more entertainment today and we are now off to the beach again!  Have a great day!

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