Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Table

A while back we were in need of a coffee table for our living room and were in search for the right one.  One day while dropping off some items at a good will store I noticed a table -- exactly like I wanted -- something not too large with a shelf underneath -- yet this one was even neater with the beautiful carving on the corners.  The great price was a real bonus and I was practically skipping out of the store with my new purchase.

The table is quite old so is a little worn in places and I decided I wanted to refinish it in some way but couldn't decide how.   When I discovered how you could create decorative tiles with polymer clay I suddenly knew what I wanted to do.  It was just a matter of finding or making the time to do it.  I finally decided to set some time aside and focus on finishing this table, along with a smaller side table we've had for some time and make a matching set.

Here are some of the tiles I've completed and a drawing I made of the tile patterns for the two tables.  I will post more on the progress of theses tables (which the one is already near completion).



MoeArt said...

That's going to be just gorgeous when it's done!

2 Good Claymates said...

Thank-you -- I almost had a panic attack though before posting this. I was worried it might not turn out and then -- eeek -- I just showed the whole world! lol !!

Enchanted Dawn said...

Can't wait to see this project finished! I can already tell its going to be lovely!