Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Love - Renew Love

I hearts . . .   As a matter of fact, that is the theme this blog started on and next month on Valentines day will be it's first anniversary.

This year we've come up with some new styles of hearts to sell on Etsy.  These new designs are a variation on vintage by applying mica powders, paint, inks and metal leaf to give a tapestry or brocade effect.  We adapted the technique in Donna Kato's book, "The Art of Polymer Clay - Creative Surface Effects".

This new spiral heart pendant design came about in a different manner. Sometimes the design I start out with evolves into something else.  For instance I was originally designing a heart toggle but discovered this heart made a great pendant instead.  I find my inspiration comes in many different ways. Quite often I will wake up at 3:00 am with an idea in my head.  I just can't seem to sleep so I will head to my studio for an hour or so to develop my thoughts.  I can then go back to sleep and have sweet dreams about what I'm going to do later that day!

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