Monday, July 14, 2008

A New Look

Now that Dave is on the mend and doing quite well, our computer was a little under the weather so had to take it to the hospital for a few days. It still hasn't recovered yet but hopefully it will limp along for a little while - although after all the headaches lately, we are seriously considering a Mac!

We had some suggestions that some people preferred the photos taken on the bodice displays as they could better visualize how the necklaces hung so we decided to upgrade the beanery and repost new photos on our flickr site since some of them needed a little updating anyhow. We tried keeping as many of the numbers the same as before but you will notice a lot of new designs that have taken the place of some of the ones that were sold. A few others have been or in the process of being redone with a little tweaking here and there for a different look. For a more complete viewing, we decided to include a photo of the back which in most cases features the type of clasp used.

We still have quite a few more photos to post yet with some great new designs along with some matching accessories so keep checking back and we will have more posted over the next week.

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