Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A new lease on life...

I have good news! Last Monday Dave received a new kidney! We received the call late Sunday night to go straight to the hospital. It totally caught us by surprise. We knew it would happen sometime soon, but I don't think we still would've been mentally prepared.

It has been a long haul these last 7 years with him on dialysis. It still isn't over as now we have new challenges to face but the future does look a little brighter. So far the surgery was a success and the kidney is working -- the next phase is to prevent his body from rejecting his new organ and build his health up again.
These last few years have been hard on us -- so many ups and downs -- but Dave probably wouldn't have started working with the clay and designing jewellry if things were different. I know that sounds strange but I will briefly share how he got involved.

It all started when he was feeling the smoothness of my finished clay pieces and asked if I could make him a "worry stone". He didn't want it perfectly round but just the right size and shape to fit in his hand. He said he didn't care what it looked like but more how it felt in his hand. I wanted it to look nice as well of course so I decided to do a mica shift pattern to add some depth and the look of texture but still have that smooth feel. The worry stone was sitting on top of my sanding pile and Dave picked it up and felt it and suggested he would try and sand it. He then proceeded to buff it and really enjoyed the whole process. He enjoyed it so much he asked for more sanding and buffing and finished my pile of beads and other accessories. We never noticed until afterwards that his worry stone turned out to be kidney shaped -- which made it even more special!

Later on, Dave had an infection in his arm resulting in surgery and a weeks stay in the hospital. When he returned he was still trying to recover but started looking at the piles of beads I had made for a bead show that were left over. He then started to put some pieces together and when I came home from work one day, he had several necklaces strung! I couldn't believe my eyes because I thought he did some beautiful work! (okay -- maybe I am a little biased, but can you blame me?!) So things just seemed to go on from there. Now he is even dabbling a little in the clay and has had a hand in designing some men's beads and necklaces. I like his choices and of course I think he is a better judge of what men might want -- although we found some women really like them too! ---

So now we are on to a new chapter in our lives -- hopefully one that is a little less bumpy -- but praise God -- His timing was so perfect and we know He does care and is still in control of everything!


Sandy said...

Congratulations on the new kidney and lease on life - what a touching story to tell. It's funny, I was looking at the photo and I was thinking, "wow, the mica shift is so beautiful - I want to make something like that" and then to continue reading to see the signifcance...very well written and wonderful news. Thanks for sharing.


Deb G. said...

Congratulations to both of you. It has been such a long, hard road. I know there is still a bit more work ahead but also so many new possibilities.
Wonderful to hear it.
Take care,
Deb Groom

RadicallyRiley said...

I couldn't be happier for you! They say that good things come to those who wait, and you both had to wait far too long.

I must say I really envy the passion you both share for clay/creating. You are very lucky to have found each other.

Here's to many years of good health and creating together.

Moyra Riley

Beadcomber said...

You are truly blessed! I'm so happy for you! When I was younger, my Grandma was on dialysis for a long time waiting for a kidney that never came. The constant trips to the hospital made it impossible to to lead a normal life. So, here's to a happier, healthier, free-er and long,long life! Happy creating!