Monday, March 10, 2008

What's in a name?

When we started this blog we wanted a catchy moniker that might stick in peoples minds. Dave looked in various trade magazines and found a variety of word-play names. It seems that the majority of jewelry/artist/business types choose to name their business after either where they live, what their name is or after their favorite letter of the alphabet. But, there are several people who, like us, obviously stress the hobby and fun part, name the business after;

A) a Thing - the Bead Bug, The Beadoir, Beadniks, Bumblebeads, Busy Little Beads, Beads of a Feather, The Birds and the Beads, Three Little Beads, or Beauty and the Beads.
B) a favorite band - the Beadles, Beadlemania, the Beadgee - a favorite song - Let it Bead, the Bead Goes On, Just Bead It, We Got the Bead, don’t worry - Bead Happy
- a T.V. show - the Regal Beader (3’s Company), 3 Beads and a Button, or Bead Me Up (Scotty)
C) Sayings - Keep Me in Stitches, Bead Creative, the Garden of Beadin, the Beading Heart, Bead Different, a Beadiful Thing, Beading Around the Bush, Beadazzled, the Beadaholic, Meant To Bead, Needin to be Beadin, Off the Beadin Path, Bead a Little - Bead a Lot, To Bead or Knot to Bead, All Strung Out, and High Strung.

We wanted a unique name that included both of us and our surname. We thought of : Two Cute Beads or 2Busy Beads or 2 Good Beaders. Hmmm.....almost. Well we are husband and wife and we are best friends (you might say mates) about 2 Good Claymates. Dave especially likes the claymate part as he says that I will always be his Claymate of the Year!

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