Friday, May 11, 2012

Gigantic Skinner Blend and New Seamless Cutters

I made this huge (9" x 14") skinner blend the other day.  It was so big I had to get Dave to hold it for me so I could take a photograph of it.  It will be used as the background for a vase that I am covering.

 I sure couldn't have done this without my DREAM machine so am glad to have found another use for it.

And speaking of tools that help to improve our work and production, our clay order arrived today from Shades of Clay.  I didn't order too many fun things to play with this time except some of the new seamless shape cutters.  I felt it would be a great improvement if I don't have to repair the marks that the seam in the metal cutters always leave behind when making our buttons and jewelry pieces.  I also like the rounded corners that the square shape cutters have.

I did notice a bit of "roughness" on the inside edges of the cutters so I just smoothed them with a scrap piece of 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper and they are super smooth now.


Barb Alexander said...

Will look forward to your report on the cutters Carolyn. I've heard the edges are beveled incorrectly for our use. Some people have been sanding or filing them so they work better with PC.

2 Good Claymates said...

I'm not sure what you mean Barb by the edges beveled incorrectly. The edges are beveled -- that is true but basically you don't need the plastic wrap like you do the other cutters as these come out nicely beveled on their own. I quite like it.

I just lightly sanded the inside edges of the cutters with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper and it only took me about 10 minutes to do all three sets that I bought and they are nice and smooth now.

knot•sew•cute design shop said...

You do beautiful work and I can't wait to see pictures of your vase!