Saturday, July 2, 2011

Balancing act with Buttons, Bargello and Beach Bling

Things are extra busy for us this time of year with the Shuswap Festival of the Arts just around the corner.  It is an 8 day show where we have our work for sale in the gift shop there.   It seems there is always so much to do before then with finishing and tagging everything and fine tuning our display.  This year has become more of a balancing act with button orders to fill, custom orders to finish and preparing for several classes to teach.

We finished off some more bargello style jewelry this time with some slight design variations.  The earrings were quite popular and we sold out so we are making more.

I love creating bargello style patterns in the clay.  After the various blends are created, they are stacked, sliced, and then arranged like a quilt pattern on a clay background.  I'm currently working on some more color schemes and will have some to show you this week.


Mar Bisutería said...

Ohhhh bellisimo!!!

Janie said...

I really like the crispness of your colors. Great Bargello!

Almost Precious said...

Your Bargello creations are simply amazing ... and the jewelry is gorgeous !!!

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks so much. I think I'm in love working with the bargello the most and I'm working on expanding on other quilting type techniques.