Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Linda Kelly of Sweet Water Bronze

We met some great artists at the Cowboy Festival last weekend -- the local talent in this part of Canada is phenomenal.  One artist I want to share with you today is Linda Kelly from Kelowna, British Columbia and her art just about totally blew us away.  She creates bronze sculptures and does all her own wax chasing from her original pieces which is a very complex process.

Linda was working on her sculptures during the show and I managed to sneak in some time to talk with her.  She gave me permission to take a few photos and share them with you but if you click here you will see more of her work on the Evans Fischer Gallery website.

This piece titled "Catastrophe" really grabbed my attention and the photo below shows one side ...

And this is the opposite ....

This one is titled "size matters not"

I feel so blessed to have met Linda and have so much appreciation for her talent as well as her beautiful personality which shines through her work as well.

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