Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Feather Canes

We're getting ready for the Cowboy Festival and making more feather canes in different colors.  I made these using Donna Kato's technique in her book, The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques.

Want to know what color combinations I used for these?  You will find the recipe numbers listed below in my new tutorial:  Carolyn's Clay Color System.

1.  Black Mix # 1-8 and White Mix # 1-2  (Silver clay for trim)

2.  Dark Golden Brown (see recipe below) and Ecru Mix # 2-8  (Gold clay for trim)

3. Olive Mix # 7-8 and Ecru Mix # 2-8   (Bronze # 2-16 for trim)

4. Teal # 8-4 and Ecru Mix # 2-8   (Shiny Copper # 2-15 for trim)

5. Grape # 10-4 and White Mix # 1-2  (Silver clay for trim)

6. Emerald (see recipe below) and White Mix # 1-2  (Silver clay for trim)

Recipe for Dark Golden Brown:
     7 x Mix 3-2
     2 x Gold
     1 x Black

Recipe for Emerald:
     2 x Mix 7-2
     1 x Pearl

I'm working on some new Bargello designs and will share those with some more color combos next time.


Desert Rubble said...

Awesome looking canes!

Janie said...

Love the feather canes! Nice colors.

Desert Wind Designs said...

Beautiful feather canes! Love them! I've tried making the Kato feather canes and failed spectacularly at it!