Friday, January 7, 2011

Name the Category Contest

We are expanding our product line and would like our readers help in choosing a new catchy name for the category.  Our new line will have a distinctive "western" theme and as the name "Cowgirl Bling" has already been taken, we need to find another.  This is just the start of our new western and nature themed line and we will be posting more pics as we add to it. 

Boot Jewelry

Necklaces and Earrings


You can enter this contest by leaving your name suggestion as a comment here on this blog post, on our facebook page or in an e-mail.

The winner of the name we select will be awarded a $25 gift certificate to be used towards any of our art pieces of your choice.


Marian Hertzog said...

I think "Giddy Up Glitz" would be a cute name for Western themed jewelry. Love the feather beads and the Pantone color blogs.

Kim Sturgis said...

How about Classy Country or Country Class?

Cynthia Blanton said...

How about:
Cowpoke Bling (covers men and women)
Cowgirl Finery
Cowgirl Glitz
Cowgirl Treasures
Cowgirl Trinkets
Western Bling
Western Finery
Western Glitz
Western Treasures
Western Trinkets
Wild West Bling
Wild West Finery
Wild West Glitz
Wild West Treasures
Wild West Trinkets

2 Good Claymates said...

Wow! Some great ones so far! We are already mulling over the suggestions so far in our brains!

Cynthia! What a selection! Glad we caught you on an "off day" ha ha lol!

susiearwine said...

How about Bandana Bling? Although I do like "Giddy Up Glitz" suggested by Marian Hertzog.

mizdarlin said... about "LittleFeathers"?
Simple, refers back to the prettiest design element of your pieces, and also hints at a possible name for a wearer of your distinctive line!

Forget Me Not Soap Shop said...

Cowgirl Glam
Classy Cowgirl
Classy Country

birdfeeder734 said...

Very Beautiful.

"Good Cowgirl Accents!"

Dana said...

Western Charm
Country Mates
Western Mates
Country Charm
Western Claymates
Country Claymates

2 Good Claymates said...

These are suggestions that came in from Tammy Preer:

are you going to do creations for men too? They also wear western wear ... bolo ties for example. How about Wicked Western Wear ... how about Creative Cowgirl Creations .... Carolyn's Cowgirl Creations (or C3 for short) ...



Hi, how "Vaquera Canadiense"? It means Canadian Cowgirl.

Giggles said...

How about "Kickenit Country." I love plays on words! Good luck with your name!

Arlene Harrison said...

Since my latest love - other than polymer clay - is country line dancing, this grabbed my attention. My suggestion for a name would be Country Connection or a more simple Country Connects.

2 Good Claymates said...

Ahh, glad you picked up on the line dancing bit Arlene...

Some great names coming in still -- we don't want to cut it off quite yet and give a chance for a few more to come in. We are narrowing it down to several that we both really like -- is a tough call so far though!

Lindsay said...

I like Native Style. It encompasses the western theme, and I think of Aative Americans with all of the feathers.

Lindsay (hope45942)

Giani said...

How about "Rodeo Chic"?