Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More new pieces for the Salmon Festival

We made a quick trip out to the Adams River yesterday to see which art pieces have sold and what we need to make more of.  There were a lot more holes on our display than expected so I have to get busy and make more.

Here are some more switchplate covers with a different look.

Some pens done in a similar style.

We really like the twist pens from Boston Craftworks but were looking for something a little more economical to cover and sell as another option.  Surfingcat and Angela from Crafty Goat's Notes each had great blog posts sharing various pens they had experimented with in covering and we really liked the Bic Soft-feel Retractable Click pen the best which is what we used here.  They come apart, simple to cover and then put back to together again.  One tip I learned about covering this type of barrel is to smooth a very thin layer of liquid clay all over before applying the sheet clay to eliminate any air pockets underneath.


Flowermouse Design said...

Wow - such great work. I love the switch plates!!!

surfingcat said...

they look cool!
Glad you were able to make use of my melting pen experiences ;)

2 Good Claymates said...


Yes Cara, You never know how a blog post can help someone else out or springboard more ideas! lol!