Thursday, September 9, 2010

Textured Tube Bangle Bracelet

I finally finished my first bangle bracelet using my textured tube technique.  (That has a ring to it, heh?)  I love how these ones turned out and are in my favorite color.  The amethyst Czech fire polished crystals I used match beautifully.  Both types of bracelets are strung with elastic making them extremely easy to put on and take off as well as comfy to wear.

This style has 5 curved tube beads which looks very nice but was too large for my very small wrist size.  It would look nice on someone with a larger wrist.

This is my second style when I was trying to find something to fit a smaller to average-size wrist.  I think it is my favorite one.  The black rondelles are clay I made myself as well.  I make a lot of these now and have perfected my technique so they are more consistent in size and shape and quicker to make.

Of course both bracelets match our beaded choker with the same but smaller tube beads:

Want to know what colors and texture I used to create the beads?  If you already purchased my tutorial, "Textured Tubes & More ..." then the recipe is already included on page 18 under "J".  When I created the larger tubes for the bangle I used the same technique as the ones shown in the necklace but slightly thicker and cut a little longer and then curved them before baking.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,
The tubes look really good. I like them with the black beads to give them that contast and to highlight the etching on the tubes. Very nice.
Deb Groom

lolymen said...

Es preciosa!!! me encanta!!!

Norma's Clay said...

Beautiful! The color is very nice.