Monday, August 9, 2010

Studio Redo -- Storing Canes

When we moved to our new home we bought a new table from Ikea for the studio which is my favorite piece of furniture.   I use to store all my claying accessories under the glass but decided they work much better in the new drawer units on our clay table and we are now using the space for storing some of our clay canes.  They are arranged on trays that slide out like drawers (I glued little felt dots underneath them).  The canes are a little messy right now and need to be reorganized but they do look so colorful under the glass and show off well.

1 comment:

averilpam said...

What a wonderful variety of canes! Quite inspiring (I currently have a small box!)
Your storage system is very clever and looks easy to sort through to find what you want to use.