Friday, April 30, 2010

Gone Fishin'

I've been having fun re-organizing all my little findings and such into my new tackle box and I still have room to spare which is a good thing!  This is how I have three of my boxes sorted.

Silver Findings:

Gold (and Copper) Findings:

Czech Crystals:
We love combining Czech fire-polished crystals the most with our clay as they just add that extra bling and sparkle.

I still have one more box that is empty yet and deciding what to use it for.  You will probably notice the small little plastic boxes that say "breakfast, bedtime, etc.".  These are pill boxes I found in the dollar store that are my favorite storage item.  I love to use them for my tiny crimps, findings and seed beads.

While we were on holidays, someone asked a question pertaining to finishing our clay pieces into jewelry -- specifically using the softglass cord.  I have to apologize for not answering as I cannot recall if it was a comment on our blog or an e-mail and I hope they don't think I was ignoring them.  I have been searching my computer for the message and it is nowhere to be found.  If you are reading this, please feel free to contact us again or leave a comment here.  I would love to share some tips on finishing our pieces into chokers, earrings, etc.  If any of you are interested, leave a comment and let us know you are and then we will consider it.


jlcjbuzz said...

You have been busy! Congratulations on organizing!
I so need to do that! Your boxes look great!
Carol from CarolsJewelryOrchard

Betty said...

That is pretty cool to have all that organized. I don't even have my clay that neat! Pretty cool!

jlcjbuzz said...

Good day! You have been given the sunshine award by Carols Jewelry Orchard of Etsy. Check it out! Congratulations!

Cynthia Blanton said...

Very impressive organization....I'd love to see your recommendations for turning your work into finished items.

surfingcat said...

Very organised!

I feel a trip to my local tackle shop coming on. Thanks for the tip