Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Single Flower Style Flip Flop Jewelry

We've been working on some more flip flop jewelry pieces.  With so many lakes and beaches in our area they are a popular summer item.  The pendants are all hung on the gorgeous Softglass cords that we get from Shades of Clay.  Both the Softglass and the buna cords are beautiful and drape so softly making them perfect for these lighter weight beads.  I found a simple way to finish off these cords which I will share with you in my next post.

Flip Flop Sandal Necklaces

Flip Flop Sandal Earring Beads

I had fun creating these in a variety of colors some of which were in the latest Pantone shades.  All the ones shown here are now availabe at Chum N' Luba's Unique Boutique in our town of Chase.  Here is the one in a Pantone color combination of Celosia Orange and Cayenne (top photo far left) with one of the gorgeous maxi dresses at Chum N' Luba's.
Flip Flop with Summer Maxi Dress at Chum N' Luba's Unique Boutique


Anonymous said...

These are just adorable. Dixie Ann

Hermine said...

I don't tell you often enough the pleasure I have reading and seeing yabout your work and you steps in the polymer clay world. Merci!

2 Good Claymates said...

Thank-you Dixie Ann and Hermine.