Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Follow up on Fibre Festival in Vernon

We had a great time at the Fibre Festival put on by A Twist of Yarn in Vernon, BC last Saturday.  There was all types of activities all day for the young and the old.  The day started with a sheep shearing demonstration by Phil, a professional sheep shearer.  Three sheep for shearing were provided by Homestead Hill Farm of Armstrong, BC.


This sheep (above) was pretty relaxed the whole time and was almost enjoying it.  We saw the harness there and I first thought it was for the sheep but later discovered from the demonstration, it was for the shearer for support for his back while working.  As he was carefully removing the layer of wool, it came off in one piece.  Here are the piles of wool from the 3 sheep that lost their winter coats.

And a happy one who was feeling much cooler afterwards!

A display was set up showing the various stages of preparing the wool to make it ready for spinning.

There were ladies spinning, weaving and knitting all day with plenty of chairs to take a break in the day and relax in the shade.

Front of heritage house which is now a quaint yarn shop.

This is Nikki from Nickelbee Art Studio and Supplies.  She gave an excellent demonstration on Nuno felting and acid dying of fibres and by the examples of her work, she has a real eye for color.

Nikki also did a kids felting workshop and some of the pieces they made were pretty impressive.

We brought along a selection of our latest work to show off and set up on the front porch.  We are just setting up here.

And here is everything finally in its place.  We wanted to show off our button and shawl pin selection as well as our popular scarf jewelry and interchangeable earring system.


I had the opportunity to do a flower and lady bug cane demonstration and share a bit on how our buttons are made.

All in all it was a fun day and a job well done Camella and Ryan of A Twist of Yarn!

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