Thursday, November 14, 2013

Make-over for our Bracelet Display Stands

A few months ago I shared with you a tutorial on how to make some simple bracelet display stands out of cardstock which worked very nicely for our jewelry display at the Art Walk.  They worked really well for us so I decided to make more solid ones from polymer clay, using the original "cones" as a form for shaping and baking.  (Tip:  Use a release of some sort such as cornstarch to prevent the clay from sticking to the cardstock.)

We also decided they would be multifunctional if we could display some matching earrings.  Since all our ear wires and art beads are interchangeable, we only needed to display the beads by making a special holder with some heavy gauge wire and adding an alligator clip to hold a label or card.

These are now ready for our next show this Saturday at the Westwold Community Hall.


Marian Hertzog said...

Very clever! I have been working with some bigger polymer art and it is amazing what you can do with it. I get stuck in the box making smaller pieces for jewelry. Thanks for sharing this!

Mal said...

Brilliant Carolyn! They look very cool. You are great at this! Love from all here, Wendy