Saturday, February 18, 2012

Unplanned Reorganization

I ended up doing some major organizing in the studio yesterday instead of the claying I had planned.  It all started when I pulled some canes from my trays to use and noticed  they were reacting to the plastic and had started to literally "melt" through the bottom.

I am so glad I had caught it when I did or the damage could have been worse.  I was quickly scrambling to find a new way to store my canes as I wanted to remove them from the trays as soon as possible.  The interesting thing I discovered was that not all of the compartments were affected and as I was removing the cane pieces I realized that only the older canes that contained Premo clay were reacting and the compartments containing canes made from Kato clay were fine.

I never thought of this before and assumed all the clay brands would react the same and when I first tested the tray I had used Kato clay and not another brand.

These weren't all my canes but just my smaller pieces so I decided to empty my hardware from the little drawer units on my clay desk and do a switch-a-roo.  It took most of the day to organize it all but I think I'm much happier now with the new arrangement.  Here is what the trays look like now with all the little jewelry hardware pieces, odds & ends, etc.

And some of the little drawers with the canes:

On a brighter side -- I found these colorful bins at a local dollar store.  They really brighten up the room and make great organizers.  I just need to put some labels on so I remember what is in each one.

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Pigoita said...

It happened the same to me with fimo. :(