Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet Sweet Pink Lilac

When I think of lilac my mind creates images of lilac bushes in a soft purplish color.  The Pantone color Sweet Lilac, however, is actually more pink than lilac shade you would think of.  

While this type of pink is not a usual color I would wear I find it goes well with many of the other Pantone Spring 2012 colors.  Here I used it in these buttons and Nastasha bead combined with Cabaret to add a bit more contrast and pizzazz.

Here are a few more color combo ideas with Sweet Lilac:

... with Tangerine Tango & Cabaret

... with Bellflower

... with Tangerine Tango & Cabaret

... with a touch of Margarita

The recipe for Sweet Lilac is quite simple really.  Here is the recipe using Kato clay.

Sweet Lilac
1 part Magenta
15 parts White Mix # 1-2 *

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