Friday, January 27, 2012

Sodalite Blue

I love how Pantone describes this blue shade as a classic and dependable maritime hue that brings order and calmness.

These are more buttons I created using the Sutton slice technique combining this gorgeous blue with Tangerine Tango and Solar Power.

It is also the main color in these Bargello pieces we created combined with shades of purple (Bell Flower) and turquoise (Cockatoo).

This shade of blue combines well with almost any color and here are few examples to hopefully inspire you:

Sodalite Blue with ...
... Cockatoo

... Solar Power & Sweet Lilac

... Margarita

... Tangerine Tango

... Bellflower & Cockatoo

If you already have my Clay Color System, you already have this color on file.  It is the same as recipe # 9-4 Royal Blue.  You can create this color using Premo clay by combining the Ultramarine Blue with a bit of white or pearl.

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