Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brighten Your Day with Solar Power

I love the shade of yellow in the Pantone Spring 2012 Fashion color palette that is described as a hue that radiates warmth and cheer providing a jolt of energy.


This sunshine shade of yellow is so pretty and makes a great compliment to the other Pantone Spring colors.  Here are some combinations for inspiration:

Solar Power & Sodalite Blue

... with Tangerine Tango & Cabaret

with Bellflower & Tangerine Tango

.... Cockatoo & Sodalite Blue

And here is the clay recipe using Kato polyclay:

Solar Power

4 parts Kato yellow
1 part pearl

Adding the pearl to the Kato yellow not only makes a perfect yellow that matches Patone's spring color Solar Power but it also adds a beautiful shimmer.

For more fun Pantone color inspiration and combination ideas you can check out my Pinterest Board here.

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