Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Make Quick & Easy Earring Stands for Christmas

We wanted some cool stands to show off our earrings on cards at our Christmas shows and had an idea as to what we wanted.  I planned to make some from clay but our time was limited with more pressing orders to fill instead so I came up with a quick and easy way that was also inexpensive.  It involved a trip to a dollar/discount store where I found some photo/name card holders.


Unfortunately they only had ones in a wedding theme which did not fit in with our jewelry display so I improvised and covered them up like this:

I found some gorgeous metallic laser gift wrap in red which happened to be silver on the opposite side to wrap the card holders in.

The name card holder was attached to a card with a metallic silver twist tie.  If yours has the same, you can save them and use them like I did or use ribbon of your choice.

Cut circle shapes from your gift wrap using pinking shears or fancy scrap booking cutters.  I used a bowl to draw the circles out that was just the right size.

I didn't want the top of the card holder to show so I used a scrap piece of the same paper to wrap the upper part.  I kept in mind as to what side of the gift wrap I was going to use.  If the silver was showing on the outside for instance, I would cover the top part of the holder in red to match with the inside of the gift wrap which would be red.

Now center the card holder in the gift wrap circle you cut out and bring it up to create a nice "package".

Your place card holder might be a different shape than what I have here so you may have to play around a bit to see what works best but these ones had an indent towards the bottom so I used the metallic silver twist tie to hold the gift wrap in place.  A pretty ribbon would have worked nicely as well.

As you can see we made a few of them with some silver showing on the outside and others with red.

Here we used them in our last show and they worked very well for us as we could display our earrings next to any other jewelry pieces that matched.

Our next show is this Saturday in Westwold which we are looking forward to.  Our display will be a little different  again as we try to customize it to each show and the type of space we have.  We will share on that after with more pics.


BethAnne said...

Great idea! Lots of great ideas can stem from a trip to the Dollar Store!

Cara Jane said...

great idea! Thanks for sharing it.

Dotty Peach said...

what a really clever idea, they look really festive

Anonymous said...

Very clever idea! Thank you for tutorial!

ArtFairly Aware said...

What a great idea! I love the Dollar Store!