Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chase Mountain Sheep

We went out for lunch today and when we arrived home there was a herd of mountain sheep near our house.  We thought our car would scare them off but they stuck around while I had time to run in the house and grab the camera.

I snuck around our neighbor's house so I wouldn't spook them so I could take some pictures when this little guy spotted me and was a little curious.

These mountain sheep live up in the mountain across the street but are known to come down and hang around our little village at times.  We generally see them more often in the winter as they are looking for some grass to feed on.   We hadn't seen this herd since last year and they have all grown quite a bit since then.

This last photo I took from the front doorstep of our house to show how close they were.


BethAnne said...

How cool! In Georgia, it's deer. The pictures are cool, too! They look 3-D!!

2 Good Claymates said...

There are a lot of deer in our area as well but these mountain sheep are special as they only live in the mountains and in certain areas, one of which happens to be here. Since we've only lived her for 3 years now we are still so captivated by them.

Anonymous said...

As an urban person I probably freak out if I will be back home and see these walking on my backyard ;)
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