Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Abstract Floral and Hardly Working

I finally finished some new beads and buttons from the spliced cane I made the other day.  You can see the original cane here.

These pieces are to fill a wholesale order for a yarn and craft store.   The wholesale part of our business has been picking up and we have now expanded into beads and shawl pins.  Selling beads and buttons as wholesale is quite different from selling our jewelry on line or in shows.  It takes more discipline and organization along with working in a more production line-like process.  Consistency is another important factor so that each batch of beads or buttons come out the same size and color.  On the other hand, selling wholesale also forces us to be more creative to come up with more styles and designs.

All in all, it is maintaining a balance between having fun or working.  As long as we enjoy what we do it does not feel like work.  Whenever I go to my studio I always say that I'm off to "play" today.  It gives a whole new meaning to "working hard" or "hardly working".  lol!

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