Monday, May 9, 2011

Round and Round We Go...

I find lentil swirls so mesmerizing and it seems once you get the hang of making them from polymer clay, you are hooked for life!

We finally found a new use for our lentil beads and are now creating a whole new line of Candy Swirl Buttons.

I've been working on my technique so I can cut my lentil swirls in half and embed our handcrafted wire shanks without distorting the swirl pattern and yet also maintaining a consistent size and shape.

I've also been experimenting with different effects on our swirls like in the ones shown below.  The swirl button on the left was carved and then backfilled with clay and the swirl on the right was carved and then highlighted with acrylic paints.  I really like the backfilled one but took a lot more work and elbow grease when it came time to sanding -- but then again -- that is what I have my claymate, Dave for!  He keeps saying he is more than just a pretty face and when it comes to times like these I have to agree with him!  lol!

Which effect do you like best?


Unknown said...

they all look so great!!! love them :D

Ruda Wiewióra said...

They all look so professionally. But my favoirite is in second picture (shades red/orange/dark yellow), they are PERFECT and so beautyful. I was try to do that like this but I can't :(
I envy the talent ;)))

Ruda Wiewióra.

Ruda Wiewióra said...

Ps. Sorry for my English ;)

2 Good Claymates said...


Ruda, Thanks so much for commenting. Your english was pretty good and we understood perfectly!

Ruda Wiewióra said...

2 Good Claymates, Thank You :) I will be visit yours side :) because you create original thing :)

Bedecked Beads said...

I wish my lentil swirls were this perfect. They are stunning! i love the oranges and reds as they are so vibrant!