Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Clay Color System

One thing I enjoy the most about working with polymer clay is not only how I can create new colors but I can actually save those recipes and make them again whenever I want.  While I enjoy mixing up new colors, I don't like wasting a lot of clay in the process.  I also find that some of the "color mixing exercises"  out there are time consuming and I would rather get right into the projects I want to make.

I have developed my own color system library where I can quickly pick and choose my clay colors and recipes for easy combining.  It is a simple system that allows for expanding to more color options and at the same time keeps everything organized.  I also developed my own color base "recipes" for mixing up new colors, shades, hues or blends.

My new tutorial on color combining will be available shortly and I plan to share all this with you plus more.   Although my recipes are for Kato polyclay,  I understand that many prefer other brands and so my system can be easily adapted to them.

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Wendy Orlowski said...

Wow Carolyn, you get an A+ for organization! You should see how I store my clay.(yikes) I would love to learn more about your methods so I'll keep watching your blog.
Thanks for sharing it.