Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Picture Perfect Display

I really lucked out this summer when I was walking by a house one day that was having a yard sale.  There was a shelf unit standing there that caught my eye and I had an idea what to do with it instantly.  It happened to be a great price and I was so excited with my find I didn't even mind carrying it all the way home.  The holes are spaces for photos and the shelves slide in between some slots which help to keep the unit together and standing straight.  I love how it comes apart so easily and can be packed down flat for storing or transporting in the car.


We spray painted the unit in a nice matt black and cut peg board to fit into the spaces.

We covered the shelves with some pieces of black ultrasuede fabric and attached a clip desk lamp to the center part of the top shelf.

We raised the unit up by standing it on a box which is also used for transporting and storing display pieces.  Turn the unit around and we have a wonderful free-standing display unit with attached lighting and all.

We made special tags to hang our pendant-style necklaces on the pegs with our studio info written on the back.


Norma's Clay said...

Wow! Great finding. I like when things can be re-used.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Brilliant idea Carolyn! I absolutely love how you re-worked it by painting it, flipping it around and adding the pegboard. And to think is comes apart like that is just genius!

Joan Tayler said...

You are a clever person with and eye to what things can become. Bravo!

Radically Riley said...

Great tips Carolyn!