Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Double-sided Display

We have been working overtime getting our displays ready for our coming shows so that everything fits just in the right place and everything looks just so.  We find the first one takes a lot more effort but after all the signs are printed and everything is sorted, the remaining shows go a whole lot easier.

We've been expanding our home decor line and so we decided it deserved its own display.  We wanted something that was free-standing so we don't have to rely on needing extra table space.  We searched around and decided to use something we already had -- 2 plastic shelf units that snap together very easily and when you put them together they make a perfect square table with some space underneath for storage.

We placed a board over top to make it a little larger and so the black skirting we had would fit nicely overtop.  We purchased the grid from a local company that sells store displays and created a backdrop by draping some black fabric and added some clip-on lamps at the top.  A sample board of our special switch plate covers and drawer pulls hangs perfectly on the grid with space for other items to display on the table top.

The beauty of this display is that it is double-sided!  Yes we have a jewelry display on the opposite side with plenty of room for our cable necklace display I showed you earlier and lots of earrings.

We created a simple display for our post earrings by arranging them onto some plastic canvas.  Now we feel we are ready for any event whether they provide good lighting or not.

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Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

These are fantastic set ups Carolyn! Good luck on your sales this year. I am sure your customers will be very impressed with your displays and your work!