Wednesday, February 3, 2010

World Masters in Kamloops

Many of you know that the 2010 Winter Olympics will be starting soon here in British Columbia.  We are a bit of a distance away (400kms) but still excited about them coming to our corner of the world.

Another exciting event will be taking place shortly after the Olympics which is the World Masters Indoor Championships (athletes are age 35 or older).  This is the first time they will be held in North America and it just so happens it will be in Kamloops, B.C. -- almost right next door to where we live.  We are even more excited that we will be involved in this great event!  Sorry to disappoint you but Dave nor I haven't taken up pole vaulting or gymnastics lately unless they have a new event like a senior's cane toss.  We have instead been invited to sell our work, along with some other local artists and galleries at the main centre.  It will be for 8 days straight and long hours but will be well worth it as we will have the opportunity to meet with so many people from all around the globe!

We will have a nice size space to set up in so we have been busy working on our new displays.  We decided on black, white and grey for our colors as it will show up our colorful pieces the best.

We looked at all types of fabrics and sheeting to find just the right thing and when I found the grey and white swirl cotton, I knew that would be perfect for all the table and shelf skirting.

Was thinking of a black faux suede and came across this beautiful embossed one that was actually curtain panels that were on sale for less than what we could buy the fabric for!

We also finished redesigning our new cards (business, earring, etc.) featuring the same photo that is on our new blog banner shown above so everything seems to be coming together fairly smoothly and right on schedule.  We have also stepped up our production process a bit and been spending a lot more time in the studio than usual these past few weeks in order to have enough inventory to sell.

When selling in several Christmas shows last year, we had a little clay demo area set up to demonstrate several techniques such as making a cane.  We had a cane made in several stages so the people could visualize and understand it a little better.  This worked really well for most everyone had never heard of or seen polymer clay before.  The only drawback to this was all the talking Dave and I had to do that we were literally exhausted by the end of the shows.  We also felt we might have missed other potential customers while we were both busy explaining the clay.  Then Dave came up with an idea that we decided to follow up on:

We purchased a digital picture frame in which we can show slides demonstrating various techniques in the clay and let it do most of the talking for us.  That way, if anyone has any questions we can answer but we won't have to repeat ourselves over and over again all day.  This will come in very useful with the long hours and larger shows we will be doing this year.  The picture frame also has the ability to show videos which we would like to do eventually.  We have checked around and would've liked to find one that is already made to buy but there just doesn't seem to be anything like this available. If anyone knows of one, we would love to hear from you!

So only three more weeks of clay-time left before this big event -- the countdown begins!


Carol said...

I love the Winter Olympics and have been having fun seeing the progress of the torch being blogged about by some of my friends in Canada.
Good luck with the wonderful opportunity you have been given to share your art talent.

Tina Holden said...

Love your fabric choices! I didn't have the opportunity to visit a fabric store which is more than 200Km away, used furniture draping we had for the table skirting (kind of like those nylon shopping bags one gets at the stores). Works with table cloths over top. We're participating in a wholesale show this weekend in Victoria. I looked at the digital photo frames, but instead put up a photo book slide show on my small lap top, including a step by step tute...I guess it would be a good idea to add some words, lol...
Good Luck to the two of you! Wish us the same ;)