Monday, May 11, 2009

Polymer Clay Buttons

One of the neatest things I discovered about polymer clay was how you could use it to make buttons.  Since I love to sew, buttons are a really great feature as I can make them myself now in an any style or color I wish!  When I sew an outfit, I always end up with left-over fabric which I try to use up every piece and create matching accessories such as a handbag or something for my hair.  I tend to do the same when working with my clay -- especially if there are left-overs of a favorite cane or decorated sheet I made -- and I will make several accessories such as a necklace, pendant or earrings.  Sometimes I will use my left-over pieces to make buttons for a blouse as well, like in the ones shown in the above photo.

I started out making the typical button with holes and then I discovered these button backs from Fire Mountain Gems.  Here are some I first covered using left-over cane slices.

This is a shirt I bought for a really good price.  I loved the color and how it fit but it came with cheap tacky white buttons. 


 I replaced the buttons with the ones I just made and what a difference it makes!  Now I have my own designer blouse and of course some accessories I have made to go with it which I will show you in my next post.


MoeArt said...

well, cool tute! I think clay buttons are just about the coolest thing in the world! Yours are super and so is your tute! Mahalo!

2 Good Claymates - Dave and Carolyn Good said...

Thanks so much and so glad you liked it.

Dave Robertson said...

I love these buttons, this is another excellent reason to get into poly clay. :)

(@Rings_Things on Twitter)

Mylene said...

This is a really cool idea. Love your buttons!

Kathy Kinsella said...

Great button, Carolyn!