Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Time to Give . . . From Buffing Pads to the Samunnat in Nepal

One of the most popular items we make are our buffing pads for the Dremel tool.  These can make a huge difference in your finished clay and bring them to a beautiful high shine that is like glass!  We have been making them for quite a few years now and they work incredibly well!  You can see some of the buffing tips we shared in an earlier post here.

For several years now we have been donating a portion of our sales to the Samunnat Project in Nepal.  Thanks to the polymer clay community, they have been able to add a second floor to their house and even have some luxuries that we take for granted like running water and a flush toilet!  We know there are still so many more needs and still continue to help when we can.  Click here to read more about the project.

The ladies at this project make beautiful polymer clay beads and jewelry as you can see in the above photo.  You can follow more about them now on Instagram.

So we decided to do something a little different this year.

To help raise a little more money for this year, we will be making a larger donation from now until the end of December.  For every single pack of buffing pads sold we will be donating $2 US and for every double pack $5 US (instead of the usual $1 and $2).

And to top all that off -- we are having a sale!  We have reduced our price as well, but only in our online store, just as a little added incentive!  (Don't let the higher prices shown scare you as they are in Canadian dollars and not US).  And if you sign up for our newsletter, you will receive a coupon code for another 10% off your entire order.

And you can purchase as many items you like with only one flat shipping fee plus free shipping with a minimum purchase! (see the details on our website.)

You can still purchase the buffing pads from our Etsy Shop or Artfire Store at regular price and we will still donate the same to Samunnat.

So what about our buffing pads and why are they so special?

#1 - They are made from a special type of cloth that will bring your clay to a super high shine with very little effort!

# 2 - They are a little larger than the average buffing pad so they will last a little longer.

# 3 - You can stack several together for an extra wide buffing surface.  This allows buffing on larger items.

# 4 - Instructions are included in every package.

Here is what others have said about them:

Wow I'm impressed with this buffing pad. It is like magic. I have a buffing wheel but this shines the clay pieces faster and shines better. I'm glad I bought 6.  (Christine)

Quick delivery, buffing pads do a great job with my little dremel... woohoo! :)  (Jenny)

Great product! Polishes my pieces perfectly with the wax they reccomended in their tutorials. Thanks! I will be back for more when I run out ☺️  (Julie L)

Never seen Fimo shine so much!  (Joanna)

These are the BEST for polishing without damaging polymer clay!!! Brilliant!!!!!  (Shelly)

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