Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scarf Buckles

We are always looking for other accent designs to wear with scarves, sweaters and shawls.  We had a request for a type of scarf or shawl buckle and so had been experimenting with various sizes and shapes that would work best.  Once we got our prototypes down we discovered so many other ways to use them such as adding to the bottom of a t-shirt or dressing up a swimsuit cover.

Here are four different ways to wear on a scarf:

Another cool way to use them is to add them to a multi-wear or infinity wrap style dress.  This type of dress is extremely popular for weddings and what a great way to add that special touch.

Added to a multi-wear wrap dress
In my latest tutorial, "Constructing Accent Pieces for your Scarves, Sweaters & Shawls", I include instructions on how to make a scarf buckle.  I also show how to create the tooled leather look that is shown here which is easy and fun to do.

Added to a swimsuit cover
 Check out our website page to see more scarf buckle design ideas and how to wear them.

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