Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pantone Fall 2013 Fashion Colors and Carolyn's Clay Color System

I've gained a lot more followers over the past few years since I first introduced my Clay Color System and I realize many of you might not be familiar.  As a continuation of my tutorial, I have been sharing with you my color recipes for the Spring and Fall Pantone Fashion Reports using Kato clay.  You can see links to past color recipes I have posted on the above tab of this blog, titled, "Polymer clay color recipes & tips".

My Clay Color System is a simple method to learn how to mix and combine color as well as organizing those color samples and even your clay.  It includes over 50 of my own color recipes, some of which are "base mixes" for creating shades or tints to get you started on your way to creating new colors of your own.

You can purchase my tutorial as an instant download in our Etsy Shop.

or in our online store -- (you will have to wait for it to be e-mailed to you).


Mal said...

The colour system is FABULOUS and has transformed how we work at Samunnat. We have gone way off track in lots of ways having added our own colour mixes but the guts of it is all Carolyn and Dave. Developing a cross continent, bi-lingual colour language was made SO much easier by them donating us a copy of the system. Anyone who hasn't got yourselves a favour and buy it! Hugs, Wendy

2 Good Claymates said...

We are so happy, Wendy, to have had a part with helping out with your work at Samunnat. It is such an exciting and worthy work you are doing!

And congrats on your art exhibit! It looks so fabulous! Dave says he sees how you made use of the color system even on your wall! lol Love those colorful displays!