Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blind Bay Show

We were invited to sell our work at the Blind Bay craft fair today.  It was a little quieter than expected but had a good time and met some great people as usual.

I remembered to take a photo of part of our display this time.

We had the privilege of meeting Ruth and her daughter that were set up next to us.  She makes these awesome "stone" sculptures.  I was even more impressed when I discovered they were not stone at all but actually made from styrofoam.

She also makes these beautiful statues for the garden that are made from other recycled materials.

The coolest thing is that Ruth is holding workshops on how to make these.  I find them both totally fascinating and decided I might take her up on it and learn something new just for the fun of it and possibly there is a way I can combine it with the polymer.

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