Friday, December 30, 2011

New Stick Shawl Pins

We hope you had a nice Christmas.  Dave wanted to create some long lasting memories for our anniversary this year and took a hard fall on our icy front steps and landed on his hand.  He ended up with a dislocated finger and his hand broken in two places.  We spent the day at the Salmon Arm emergency where they managed to put his finger back into place and then over to the Kelowna hospital (another city) to have surgery on his hand later that evening.  We had to stay at a hotel as it was too late to drive the distance home that night.

Dave is doing much better now and trying to get use to the added weight of the cast.  He won't be able to help me as much until he has the use of his hand again, however.

I have been rather busy and so I haven't had time to list many new items in our ArtFire Studio or Etsy shop but hoping to get around to that over the next week or so.

I finally listed a few of our Abstract Floral Stick Shawl Pins.  We have been selling them at our Christmas shows and in several local yarn stores.  It is my own original design that I dreamed up over the summer with plenty of flowers in our garden for inspiration.  These pins go nicely through tighter weave fabrics where our typical shawl pins do not fit.  Click on the photo below to see more of our pins listed in our shop.


Cynthia Blanton said...

Poor Dave. I hope he will be back to normal soon.

Love the stick shawl pins. Very inventive.


Roberta Warshaw said...

Oh not the hand! How awful. I hope he recovers soon! Happy new year to you both.

BethAnne said...

I fell in June. I crushed my left shoulder and broke my right elbow and both wrists! Three months with NO claying! I hope he feels better soon! And, I love you're pins!

2 Good Claymates said...

Oh dear! Dave says after hearing about your accident he feels much better already! That must have been awful. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't clay for that long!