Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Goodies to Play With!

Our clay supply was getting low and had to order more.  It is so nice to have an excellent supplier of Kato clay available right here in Canada.  Shades of Clay not only has fair prices but great service as well.  Whenever we order clay I like to order a few extra "goodies" to play with and use to create new pieces.

I had to order several of Helen Breil's latest texture plates as they all have such unique patterns.  I saw "button" designs in them immediately and here are some new ones we created:

And have you seen some of Wendy Orlowski's latest textures and CaBezels?  I've been having fun playing with these and have a few fun tips to share with you later on in the week.


Dotty Peach said...

Hi, Have just found you and wanted to say hello. I have just started my own blog and also just started my journey with polymer clay. I am absolutely hooked and was so pleased to find your wonderful blog so inspiring hopefully one day I will be able to make such beautiful things (however I think it will take a while) in the meantime I will really enjoy dropping by. Lorraine x

2 Good Claymates said...

Hi Dotty, So nice to meet you! I totally understand the being "hooked" part of claying as I am an "addict" myself! lol! I will give your blog a visit.