Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some bling for our new designs

We have been in Spokane, Washington the last few days enjoying some time with family.  One of the things  Canadians enjoy the most while visiting the U.S. is shopping.  Since Rings & Things have their main showroom in Spokane, we had to pay them a visit and pick up some goodies!  They have such a huge selection of everything needed for jewelry making but we had to restrain ourselves and mainly pick up items that were needed or difficult to find in Canada.  The gorgeous crystals in some unique colors were too hard to pass up and I think will add more bling to our jewelry designs.

I love these Rivoli crystals which will be used in our new pieces for Christmas.  We bought a wide range of colors so should be lots of fun to play with!

Heading back home to Canada today and will have more Pantone Fall Color Recipes and ideas for you tomorrow....

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