Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Make a Banner Using Picasa Collage

ArtFire is the main site we sell from and they recently made some improvements to make the shops look more professional and the shopping cart more user friendly.  Due to these improvements we had to update and change our banner and avatar to fit with the new layout which left us scrambling on what to do.  I am no computer expert but manage to figure out the necessary basics and good at improvising.  I googled "how to make a banner with picasa" and came up with a few helps but there seemed to be some steps missing, etc.  I struggled through and finally came up with a quick and simple method how to create a new banner for our studio that is exactly 1000 x 200 pixels.  You can also use this same method for a blog or website banner by changing the size measurements.  You can click on the photos below to see a larger view.

Step 1 - I first chose a couple of photos in Picasa I wanted to use for the banner and then entered them into a collage.  You can use several photos or just one.  Choose the picture setting for your collage.

Step 2 - You can choose any color you wish for your background.  Instead of a solid color, I chose one of my photos as the background.

Step 3 - Now straighten and move your photo(s) around on the background.  Since the ArtFire banner needs to be 1000 x 200 which is really long and narrow, I shrunk my photo a fair bit so it will fit. (You will see why later). 

Step 4 - When your photo is in position how you like, select "Create Collage".  It is then saved and you switch to editing mode.

Step 5 - Now crop your photo so it will be long and narrow like your banner.  This is where I clicked on the "Add Custom Aspect Ratio".  I entered in the boxes 1000 x 200 and named it ArtFire Banner.

Step 6 - Now crop the banner so it will come out in the ratio of 1000 x 200.

Step 7 - Export your photo to another file and resize it to "1000" pixels.

Step 8 - Find your photo again in Picasa to edit and add any writing.  If you click on the properties (right click menu), you will see that the photo has been resized to 1000 x 200.

Step 9 - Add any writing and arrange how you like.  Keep in mind that the avatar will be covering part of it on the right hand side.

Step 10 - Now load your banner and voila!  You are finished!

I hope this helps make loading your new banner a little easier for you.

Follow Up:

Okay -- I didn't realize that there is a blank spot on my Banner for the Facebook Kiosk.  If you have a facebook Kiosk you can fill in a photo such as your avatar in that empty space.  If you already created your banner and don't want to do it all over again you can add it later like I will show you how here....

Step 11 - Go back to Picasa and find your finished banner (where we left off at step 9).  Load it and the photo you want to use to fill the empty space.  In this case I am using a different avatar.

Step 12 - Enlarge your banner so it almost fills the whole width of the workspace.

Step 13 - Shrink your other photo and place it in front of the banner in the postition you would like.

Step 14 - Now save your collage.  It will take you to the editing window.  Recrop your banner to the 1000 x 200 size again.

Step 15 - Now export your photo to a new file setting it to 1000 pixels.  When you find your photo in Picasa, it should show that it is 1000 x 200.  (Note:  one time it did not come out exact -- for instance 1000 x 201.  If this happens, delete the photo, go back to the original and export again.  It should work next time.)

Now reload your banner and the new one will look much better on facebook, etc.

Another Update:

I finally had time to go back and create another banner.  This time I loaded several photos and allowed space for writing at the bottom.  There are all sorts of possibilities.

And here is how it looks on the facebook kiosk:


indium said...

wow, i follow your advise, now i can make it by myself. thanks for your share...

Lawenceofwhiterock said...

Wow, Carolyn you put a lot of thought and work into this mini tute.Maybe now I can put a banner together.Thanks for sharing.

2 Good Claymates said...

You are welcome. Nice to know that I can help out.