Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fiesta Spiral Rings

These rings match the Fiesta Spiral double-sided textured beads in some new jewel tone colors.  I used the polished pigments by Lumin Arte  in powder form here and find the colors more intense than the typical mica powders.  I'm still experimenting with ways to use this medium and discovering some fun new colors.

The bands on all of our rings are made from textured clay and available in two sizes:  Small - Medium and Medium - Large.  There is a slit at the back that expands slightly to fit the finger.

I experimented with some Premo clay and made some bands but found they were too soft and flexible to hold their shape.  The Kato clay is much stronger with just enough flex for a comfortable fit without stretching too far.


Lupe Meter said...

These are awesome! I just went to their website...guess I am going to have to give them try!

Anonymous said...

freaking awesome rings and lots of good insight here. I need to use mica in some of my projects & still havent bought any, so great info about the powders you used. they turned out amazing, so much west coast / mexican flavor, and the bands really make these rings one in a million.

keep up the fab work!