Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting Back on Track and Ready for Summer

So far the Canadian postal workers strike has been rotating and so mail is still going through so we decided to reactive both of our shops again and will carry on for now with business as usual.  I am struggling with learning how to operate a new computer system so everything for me seems to be going at a snails pace and I am learning patience. --

Speaking of snails -- I have been working on some more beach themed pieces that will be going out to a local art gallery called the Fireweed Art Studio in Scotch Creek right on the Shuswap Lake.  It is very busy there during the summer as it is a popular vacation spot with the warm weather, beaches and plenty of water sports.

I will also be teaching classes at Fire Weed Art Studio through July and August so should be a nice change in pace and something to look forward to.

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