Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Filling Metal Filigree Frames

This is an antique bronze metal frame I decided to fill with clay for a pendant.

I just used a scrap piece of mokume gane left over from another project that just seemed to work for me. This is actually the same mokume gane I show how to do in my Clay Color System Tutorial.

My Fabulous Faux Turquoise tutorial is more than just a lesson on how to make a natural looking turquoise.  It also includes a variety of basic jewelry making techniques such as how to fill metal frames or bezels without requiring any glue to hold them.

Any type of glue will eventually break down over time and if you can secure your pieces by using the clay itself, your piece will be much stronger and less likely to fall apart after several years of use.

In my tutorial, I also show you two methods on how to make your own beads in consistent sizes.  One method is using a clay veneer sheet and the other using cane slices.  You also learn how to create your own cabochons to coordinate with your beads.

And last, you will also learn how to make your own clay "headpins" to use as dangles and accent pieces for your jewelry.


Ruda Wiewióra said...

Oh my God!!!
This is incredible! Amazing! I love it :)) especially first in antique bronze metal frame :)
What a pity I live co far away, I ordered that narvel like a earrings (but luscious green) :))

Mar Bisutería said...

que idea mas buena, felicidades

Cindy said...

Absolutely beautiful! Exquisite! lovely!

Hugs XX