Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Fashionista Ball - Blog Debris Day

If we were still living at the west coast, I know where I would be this coming Sunday!  I would be attending The Fashionista's Ball!

This is an incredible event where more than 3000 items have been donated to raise money for charity.  These items consist of original artwork, high fashion clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories all in mint condition and for sale at a fraction of the original price and 100% of all the money raised goes to the United Way.

Here are a few of the items that will be for sale and you can check out their facebook fanpage to see more.

They even give tips for shopping on their site that you can read here.  Each person is given a large red bag to carry for their items which can be later purchased.  It is a group fitting room and so is suggested to wear your "Ninja Shopping Out Fit" consisting of smooth fitting t-shirt and tights so items can be quickly tried on over your clothes.  Sounds like a real aerobics work-out at the same time!  It will be a mad house I'm sure as the first 300 people to make a purchase will receive a Goody Bag!

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Betty said...

That looks really cool! I wish I can go! :D