Friday, April 22, 2011

Kato Clay Color Recipes only Available

For those who are interested, I have made my Favorite Kato Clay Color Recipes Only (more than 50) available both in our Etsy Shop and our online store.  These are the same recipes and base mixes that are included in my Clay Color System but on sheets to print out on regular cardstock or on business card forms, whatever your preference.

NOTE:  If you have already purchased my Clay Color System, you already have these recipes plus a whole lot more.


Anonymous said...

I broke our pasta machine doing nothing but mixing colors from your clay color systems. It was so much fun. Hopefully I will photo my attempted snail and send it to you.

2 Good Claymates said...

Oh dear! Is your pasta machine all right? I hope it wasn't too serious! I would love to see the photos and I am glad you are having fun! That is a good thing right? lol!

Anonymous said...

I will have to buy a new machine but I can still use this one to condition and mix colors with it. I think we were putting clay that was too hard through it. Any suggestions on a moderate machine? Can't afford a top of the line one..yet.

2 Good Claymates said...

I bought an Atlas that was modified by Mona Kissel and love it. The blades come off for easy cleaning. It is a much cheaper way to go to buy one modified by her rather than having it done later.

Main thing is -- don't condition your clay on the thickest setting. That will ruin your machine for sure. You should even be able to get by with the small Amaco one from Michaels with a store coupon if you keep this in mind.