Friday, November 19, 2010

What's on my bead tray?

I have a lot of bead inventory stocked up and working on some new designs for the coming Christmas shows and hopefully a few extras to sell online in our ArtFire Studio.  Here are some pieces on my bead tray right now.

I'm giving you a sneak peek at the two finished designs on the left.  The copper and black one is still "under construction".

The tube beads are the ones I show how to make in my Textured Tubes and More tutorial.  The holes on the tube beads are quite large which makes them great for stringing on thicker cords.  I wanted to cinch them up a bit for my wire work designs so I added some bead end caps between the tube bead and the crystal which help to fill in the "gap".  I think they give a nice "ruffled" look and add a bit of interest.


I also have these cool rings and was looking for a bead to go in the centre but wasn't happy with anything we had on hand so came up with a new plan.  I filled the center spaces with a clay "bead" and baked them right in.  I think they will go with the overall design I'm working on much better now.

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