Thursday, August 26, 2010

Texture Tube Variations

I've been working on some new design variations using the Textured Tubes & More tutorial.  One is this curved focal bead.

The other is a textured bangle bracelet.  This one has elastic strung through it with some rondelle spacers.  I'm not really fond of the color on this one but it is only a prototype.  I made it out of an ugly mud brown scrap clay to see if it was going to work.  I was messing around with some inks afterwards to give it a little color and this is what I got.


I decided the size and design works well for me though.  Dave's cousin was visiting and she was admiring our solid type bangles but they wouldn't fit over her hand.  She slipped this one on easily and  loved it.  I'll work on this design and show the results later....


percreare said...

Buona idea come variazione, per il bracciale è messo con filo elastico?

Frankie said...

Cool post!
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Kate said...

Love the bracelet! Great idea!